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Bellflower CA

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Cerritos CA

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Are your e-bikes ready for the sunny days ahead? We can help you keep them safe and ready for Springtime!

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Revi Bikes Predator Electric Mountain Bike - Fat Tire eBikeKABBIT by Kasen e Bikes | Super K7 Electric Bike | 1973 Retro EbikeThe Vintage Cheetah by Revi E Bikes - A Classic Electric Bike in L.A.The Rebel Electric Bike by Civi Bikes - Fat Tire Mini Folding eBikeSuper Cruiser by Nakto Bikes - Comfort Beach Cruiser

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Fat-Tire E-Bikes?

Fat-Tire Electric Bikes are built for comfort, stability, and optimal traction. The powerful motors of modern E-bikes will get you moving quick and easily through various terrain whilst minimizing road-vibrations and fatigue. Pedaling is super easy and breathing hard is totally optional!

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We understand your frustration! Shopping for electronic bicycles can be a challenge. Not only can the price ranges get confusing, the wattage, voltage, and Amps that ebikes are rated in can be an overwhelming amount of information to take in for someone new to electronic bicycles… Talk to us, we can help!

Our Main E-Bike Store

🎈9345 Alondra Blvd. Bellflower CA

πŸ•™10am - 6pm (Mon - Fri)
πŸ•™10am - 5pm (Sat - Sun)

πŸ“²(562) 609 8184

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Our E-Bike Repair Shop

🎈15971 Piuma Ave. Cerritos CA

πŸ•™10am - 5pm (Mon - Fri)

πŸ•™10am - 12 pm (Sat)
Close on Sundays

πŸ“²(562) 991 0356

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