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Welcome to 562 Ebikes

Where the thrill of riding meets cutting-edge technology!

We're not your average E-Bike store; we're a team of passionate cyclists who live and breathe two-wheel adventures.  When the world witnessed the epic fusion of modern tech and the age-old bike, the e-bike revolution began, and boy, do we adore it!

From the very beginning, we've been tearing up the roads, both on traditional bikes and e-bikes. Our deep cycling roots enable us to understand your needs like nobody else. When it comes to E-Bikes, we know firsthand that purchasing online can be a wild ride. As specialty electronics, e-bikes need that local touch, and we've got you covered right here in the vibrant 562 area, nestled at the heart of Bellflower, surrounded by the endless bike lanes of Southern Los Angeles County. 

Choosing the perfect E-Bike is a personal journey, and we want to make it smooth and efficient for you. No need to rely solely on pictures and descriptions. We believe in getting you up close and personal with the e-bike of your dreams, so you'll know it's a match made in cycling heaven before you hit that "buy" button.

Our passion for excellence drives everything we do, and that's why we've built stellar relationships with our customers. We take pride in making your E-Bike shopping experience pleasant and effortless because, let's be real, riding should be the most fun part!

So, whether you're seeking an efficient ride to zip around town or craving an exciting exercise experience, hop aboard the E-Bike revolution with 562 Ebikes. Unleash the power, feel the freedom, and let's ride like there's no tomorrow!

562 Ebikes, May 19, 2018