15971 Piuma Ave. Cerritos CA 90703
Text or Call (562) 991 0356 | Open: 10-5pm | *close only on Tuesdays
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    All eBikes in Cerritos

    Updated:  10/18/2021

    🎈Now Open To The Public👍

    Ebike Sales - Electrical Parts, Repair & Warranty

    🚗15971 Piuma Ave., Cerritos CA 90703
    🚲try before you buy...
    🚲all ebikes are available in-store;
    🚲local in-store warranty & support.

       ⌚Open: 10am-5pm 6 days a week
    (🔒close on Tuesdays only)
    📲Text or Call 562.991.0356

    💡Serving LA & OC since 2018😎