Riding Fat-Tire E-Bikes in Long Beach

The newly launched fat tire e-bikes are the reincarnation of the mountain bike. It is a combination of technology and innovative ideas to help you travel and play your way. The wide, extra soft tires absorb road shocks and allow for a smooth and extremely comfortable ride on any surface—be it snow or sand, grass or mud.

Safety is the pinnacle benefit of fat tires. Better traction and stability at electrifying e-bike speeds.  Comfort is a bonus— and their monstrous profile just adds the cool factor. 



Modern electric bikes go from zero to over 20 mph in few seconds. Fat e-bikes provide a pleasant acceleration and a safer overall experience. Fat e-bikes are incredibly smooth and stable. You know when driving luxury cars, 100 mph feels like 60.  Fat tires are extremely effective against road vibrations and allows you to ride the full range of your e-bike with superior comfort.

Fat Tires have better traction, not only on the streets, but also excellent on dirt, grass, sand and snow. Fat tire requires high air volume but lower pressures. 10 psi is great for sand and snow but 18psi is best for most terrain.


Our fat e-bikes are running at 48 volts and at least 500 watts. I don’t mean to be technical here but these electrical ratings are powerful enough to climb the average hills and bridges in LA without even pedaling. And if you want to push the power to the federal limits, our Renegade 750w has been proven to flatten the hills of San Francisco and rode effortlessly on the dirt roads of Lake Mead.

Our fat e-bikes have more than enough power to trade for the safety & comfort.

Fat e-bikes, be the envy of your lane.