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    It's not the fastest mammal on the planet but it belongs to the highest category of street-legal e-bikes without requiring license & registration.  We know the troubles with cars.  Traffic, parking, gas, maintenance and payments are on the top of the list.  E-bikes are not only a great alternative to driving but also a healthier choice to beat stress and burn calories with electrifying excitement.  It's not a cheater.  It's a CHEETAH!   



    The Cheetah is a true flagship, leading all our electric bikes in quality, performance and popularity.  In 2018 the Cheetah was overwhelmingly welcomed by the US market for its classic design, impressive specifications and built quality.  The Cheetah is indeed our sweetest pride.



    The design was inspired by the early motorcycles.  In the early 1900s, bicycles were beefed up and fitted with gasoline engines.  As bicycles evolve to motorcycles, the old bicycle remains to be the most efficient machine ever invented by man.





    In 2014, journalist Ben Stewart described the café racer as a "look made popular when European kids stripped down their small-displacement bikes to zip from one café hangout to another.  Today we are stripping off the gas engine for the lighter powerhouse, the Lithium-ion battery pack.



    Under the leather wrapped gas tank is the heart of every Cheetah.  The 13Ah Li-ion battery pack is made up of 52 cylindrical Samsung cells, producing 54.6 volts when fully charged.  An optional 17Ah battery with 65 Samsung cells is also available to run the extra miles.

    The 18650 lithium ion battery is the most feasible technology for electric bikes since the 90s.  It is lightweight, energy dense and durable.  Li-ion batteries are rated at over 500 charging cycles under optimal conditions.  18650 batteries are now widely used in high drain equipment like power tools and e-cars. Tesla uses over 7,000 cells while we use only up to 65.



    If battery is to Samsung, then motor is to Bafang.

    We are uncertain if Bafang is the largest e-bike motor manufacturer on the planet today, but they are indeed highly rated by e-bike enthusiasts worldwide. 

    The Cheetah's muscle is a 750 watts Bafang hub motor that tops at XXmph.  The massive torque allows you to sprint from Zero-to-XXmph in a few seconds.  The Cheetahs qualify as Class 3 e-bikes, the highest classification of street legal e-bikes without requiring a license & registration. Top Speed and Range: (contact us for details)



    The Cheetah does not only have the muscles to accelerate but it also have the safety features on its DNA.  It is equipped with a Hydraulic Brake System to stop the Cheetah on its track.  The huge LED headlight has 2 settings from high to very high intensity with the least power consumption.  The Cheetah's fat tires are 28" in diameter and 4" wide to provide you with luxury comfort and safety at high speed.    




    The LCD does not only provide you with real-time information but it is also a valuable tool to program your electric bicycle.  This Colored LCD by Bafang allows you to set your riding mode to Eco, Standard & Sport.  It's bright under direct sunlight and it allows you to set a Password to protect your investment. 




    Additional accessories are available to customize your Cheetah.  A functional rack with 50-pound capacity is available for your convenience and compliments the size of your behemoth Cheetah.  A stand alone, wireless  tail light fits perfectly on your bike rack and a headlight guard protects your lens. 


    We are a group of avid cyclist.  We know the modern ebike technology by heart.  Our "hybrid" company sells electric bikes online and we also open our doors to the public.  We offer free e-bike lessons, free assembly, free delivery and free one-year-warranty while maintaining a universal online price.  We love locals.

    Top Speed and Range: (contact us for details)

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