Electro CT Power Bike

Which brand is better? 

Shopping for e-bikes may be overwhelming. Several electric bikes in the market today are similar in many ways but were branded differently.  At a glance, the obvious differences are the frames and the accessories.  However, e-bikes at a similar price point do share the most common bicycle components & electrical "ingredients".  Moreover, several e-bikes in the market today are exactly identical but are being advertised & packaged under different names. 

Electro CT Power Bike is our very own e-bike store brand, exclusively for the locals and visitors of L.A. & Orange County.  Our brand is defined by the sum of our technical experience and customer satisfaction since 2018.  We hand-picked the e-bikes with the best specifications & features for the price. We also vouch for the quality and that every e-bike has met the standard ratings and performance!  Every unit has gone through our in-store-quality checklist and is supported by an in-store warranty, parts procurement, and technical support.